New General Education Course: AP/GER 1791: The Fairy Tale: From Grimm to Disney

Course Description

Pervasive in most cultures across the globe, fairy tales thrive because of their universal nature. Fairy tales are more than just children's literature. They encapsulate in (usually) succinct form many of the most pressing concerns of human existence: family conflict, the struggle for survival, sexual desire, the quest for happiness, among many others. Published about 200 years ago, Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales remains one of the most iconic pieces of literature and has had significant influence on modern pop culture. This course examines fairy tales in the context of their longevity, their origins, and their ever-changing roles in media and popular culture.

Note: This course has been approved in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies for general education credit.

Format: Two hours lecture, one hour tutorial per week.

Language of Instruction: English