York International Internships and Summer Work in Germany

The York International Global Internships provides both York undergraduate and graduate students a non-credit opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to an international work environment and enhance their job-related skills in an international and intercultural setting.

Students may also apply to work for a summer in Germany through the Canadian University Teachers of German (CAUTG) Work Student Program. Applications are normally due by the middle of November (consult the co-ordinator of German, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics).

The Canadian Association of University Teachers of German works with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany to organize this opportunity for Canadian students to work and travel in Germany in the summer. Of the 700 applicants from across Canada, about 80 are selected to fill summer jobs in Germany -- mostly in the tourist industry, hotel/restaurant work -- for an eight-week period, subsequent to which they have one month free to travel.

Cost: Students selected pay CAD$750 for the return charter flight from Toronto to Germany. They must also finance their own way to Toronto. However, it has traditionally been possible to reimburse students for the bulk of these latter expenses.

Eligibility: Students

  • must normally have completed at least an intermediate language course before the start of the program,
  • must be permanent residents of Canada,
  • must be between 18 and 30 years of age,
  • cannot have participated in this program as a work student before; and
  • must agree to accompany the group on the dates offered - no exceptions!

The complete set of applications originating at this University must be submitted first to the German co-ordinator or the appropriate person of the German section and then forwarded to the central application centre by late November.

A $10.00 application fee is non-refundable.

Applicant must pay for the subsidized charter flight and participate on the charter flight.

Please check with the advisor for more information (e.g., on deposits for the flight; approximate flight dates, the kinds of jobs available).